What you need to know about reissuing a Code Signing Certificate

Over the course of your Code Signing Certificate's lifespan, it may be necessary for you to reissue it at some point. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • PC or browser crashed
  • Private key compromised
  • Changing hashing algorithms
  • Industry updates
  • PFX file lost or deleted

The good news is that, outside of time, it won't cost you anything—our Code Signing Certificates come with unlimited free reissuances for their entire lifespan.

In order to reissue a Code Signing Certificate, you must go back to where you originally generated your order – your control panel – and click the re-issue button under your Order Details. Afterwards, you will be required to provide another CSR – which can be done automatically via browser (i.e. Firefox) – and maybe complete another telephone call with the issuing Certificate Authority – nothing too complicated.

After you have the re-issued Code Signing Certificate you'll need to go through the process of installing it again. This can be a bit time consuming but you should have some experience given that you've done this at least once before. Simply install the re-issued certificate and you're good to go. For instructions on how to sign your code, click here.