To import your Code Signing Certificate into MMC, you will need to follow the steps below to add the Certificates snap-in to the Console. You will also need your certificate formatted as a P7B/PKCS7 file.

Add Certificates Snap-In to MMC:

  1. From Microsoft Windows, click Start.
  2. In the Search programs and files field, type mmc.
  3. Click  File > Add/Remove Snap-in.
  4. From the list of available snap-ins, select Certificates. Click Add.
  5. Select Computer account. Click Next.
  6. Select Local computer and click Finish.
  7. In the Add/Remove Snap-in window, click OK.
  8. Save the console settings for future use.
  9. Expand the Personal folder > right click the Certificates sub-folder > All Tasks > Import.
  10. Once the Certificate Import Wizard opens up, select Local Machine and click Next. 

Import the Certificate to MMC

  1. Browse to the location where you saved the P7B file on your computer and select the file, then Open. When the certificate is selected, click Next.
  2. Check Place all Certificates in following store, and select Personal
  3. Review the selections on the final page of the Certificate Import Wizard and click Finish.

Export PFX from MMC

Now you must export the certificate with its private key from MMC and save it as a PFX type file.

  1. Click the Personal folder in the left-side panel to expand the menu.  
  2. Click Certificates underneath the Personal folder.
  3. Right-click the certificate you want to export to .pfx file.
  4. From the drop down, click on All Tasks and then Export.
  5. Once the Certificate Export Wizard opens, click Next.
  6. At the next screen, choose "Yes, export the private key".  Click on Next. If the export private key option is not available, the private key may not be found. You must have the private key to continue.
  7. At the next step, Personal Information Exchange - PKCS #12 (.PFX) is selected by default.
  8. Click on "Include all certificates in the certification path if possible"
  9. Click on "Enable strong protection" to set a password on the PFX file.
  10. Do not select the option to delete the private key unless you do not want the certificate to be exportable from this PC in the future.
  11. On the next screen, create your PFX password, then continue.
  12. Select the location on your PC to save the exported PFX file. 
  13. Once you reach the summary screen, you can Finish the process.

You should now have your Code Signing PFX file saved on your computer, and you can install it or move it to another system as needed.