SSL Certificate Validity Limited to 1 Year

As of September 1, 2020, all Certificate Authorities may only issue SSL for a validity period of 1 year, or 398 days maximum for renewals. 

Subscription Multi-Year SSL Certificates

We are able to offer multiple year terms on all of our SSL certificate products so you can keep your secure coverage without having to buy a new certificate each year. The certificate will be issued for 1 year, however you may re-issue the certificate at any time to extend the expiration date further, as much as will be allowed by the 1 year term limit.

What Do I Need to Do?

With subscription-based SSL you must still take some action on a yearly basis to retain your SSL coverage. You must re-issue and re-install the certificate at least once per year. Each time you re-issue the certificate, the expiration date will move forward until the maximum purchased term has been reached.

What About Renewing SSL?

The early renewal period for SSL has also been limited from 90 days down to 30 days. At this time, you may start the renewal process for your SSL Certificate up to 30 days before its expiration to have time rolled over to the next certificate.