Generating the Request in Keychain

  1. Under Keychain Access menu, find Certificate Assistant menu, highlight with your cursor, and then click Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority.
  2. Enter the common name and email address in the Certificate Assistant window.
    1. For Code Signing certificates, the Common Name must be the name of the organization or the name of the individual requesting the certificate.
    2. For Personal Authentication Certificates, the Common Name must be the email address of the requester. 
  3. Do not input CA email, instead select Saved to Disk to designate a location on your Mac for the CSR text file to be saved.
    1. For Code Signing, or if the CSR needs to be greater than 2048 bits, check "Let me specify key pair information" otherwise Continue.
    2. Select the preferred key size - Code Signing requires 3072-bits. 
  4. Use Finder to locate the CSR file and open with a text editor to view the code. You will copy and paste this file into the order form on your account.
    1. To locate the private key in Keychain, search the common name in All Items in the Login keychain. There should be a public key (the CSR) and a private key matching the common name you entered when generating the CSR. 
  5. Complete validation. Please refer to our Validation Guides in our Knowledgebase for more information about how to complete the Validation step.